mercredi 1 mai 2013

Upside Down — Be transported and live a romance with different laws of physics — 8*/10

Upside Down is a romance between two people of opposite worlds in a imaginative setting.

The good. The details imbued in each world and the creative imagination behind the universe. The photography is spectacular. The story is captivating, and you get a sense of wonder throughout the film. Good score. Well built scenario.

The actors. Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess effortlessly carry us on their romance, and Timothy Spall is excellent as the lovable easy going partner in crime.

The bad. The tone of the voice-over. It aimed for fairy tale, but we got sweet and sticky. Beyond the suspension of disbelief needed to assimilate the existence these planets, we're subjected to many logical flaws during the course of the film. Nothing outrageous, but enough to be a distraction from time to time.

The ugly. Trying and failing to give a logical reason for the existence of these worlds, as if it could scientifically exist. It was done at the onset in a few word, and it just didn't make sense.

The result. A great escape from our mundane world to be seen on a large screen.