dimanche 5 mai 2013

Charlie's Angels — See them in a modern action packed format — 7*/10

Charlie's Angels is an excellent modernization of the old TV series.

The good. Beautiful sexy women. Lots of action, fights and wirework. Nice car chases and wrecks. Good funny dialogs. Interesting story. Great score and music.

The actors. Cameron Diaz is at her most adorable and charming in a very innocent and clueless way. She's just perfect. Drew Barrymore is obviously living a dream job, and it shows she's having fun. Lucy Liu is more impish than we've ever seen her before, in a very serious manner, which is a strange combination. There's no denying it, all three angels had a blast doing this flick and gave us a excellent performance. Bill Murray is very funny, and a great complement to the girls. Crispin Glover is the star of the villains, we just can't get enough of him. Sam Rockwell over does it a bit, but nicely. Finally, I'll just mention some other good performance in decreasing order of magnitude: Luke Wilson, Kelly Lynch, Tim Curry, Matt LeBlanc, and LL Cool J.

The bad. Very simple villain. More over, his awkwardly social cover is creepy.

The ugly. The mainframe. If you know anything about computer, and security, this is very lame.

The result. Excellent entertainment with fun and action.