lundi 20 mai 2013

The Fugitive — A riveting chase with action and intrigue — 8*/10

The Fugitive has its plot pulled out of an 80s TV show with credible success. I don't know if the fans of the original series liked it, but I did.

The good. Captivating story. Well built scenario and characters resulting in a nice intrigue. Gripping pace that won't let you down and give you only a few pauses. Solid action and acting.

The actors. Commendable work by Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.

The bad. Lee Jones' character and actions as well as his whole work structure are a bit over the top.

The ugly. Nothing.

The result. If you like intrigue, Ford, Lee Jones, or a story about a guy trying to clear his name, it's definitely for you. If you like action, you'll also find your entertainment. There's even a bit of romance and a cap on the violence so the ladies might find their own too.