dimanche 26 mai 2013

Collateral — Slow, moody, and tense, it's a great watch — 9*/10

Collateral is a crime movie like few others, by Michael Mann.

The good. Great score. Excellent music. Solid and logical scenario. Captivating story. Nicely built characters with good depth, except for Felix and the FBI agents. Good camera work, if with some odd choices at time. The mood is impeccably set. It's smoothly done, slowly built up, and it's kept throughout the flick.

The actors. Tom Cruise makes his first appearance as a criminal, and he gives us a great performance. Jamie Foxx is not doing his "thing", and by doing that, he perfectly complements Cruise. His character is the opposite of what he usually does, showing his true capabilities. It's a turning point for both actors.

The bad. Nothing

The ugly. She keeps running with her high heels. Seriously?

The result. A great film with action, mood, intrigue, and even some romance. Easily something a lady could watch.